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Immersive Features That'll Keep Your Guests Entertained For Hours

Capture Modes

Capture mode is the medium by which your guest's images are presented. In the modern age of digital photo booths, more than still images have become available. Any or all four of the capture modes can be selected for your event. Guests can choose their capture mode when at the interface.



The classic photo booth option. Up to 4 still images can be taken for prints.



Three still photos are taken and merged together to create a memorable GIF.



A short video clip that plays forward and backward repeatedly.



A short video is recorded and presented in place of the traditional still photo.


Overlays and Layouts

An overlay is the personalized design that is placed on top of the photo booth captures. This can be a border, design features, and wording that completes the personal touch to your photo booth experience. Your overlay is completely customizable and we will design your overlay based on your theme and preferences.



We have a great selection of beautiful backdrops for your photo booth. If you're not seeing the backdrop you like, we can source a custom backdrop for your event.

You may opt out of a backdrop if your venue has a desirable setting for the photo booth setup.

Disclaimer: all floral, hedge, and wood backdrops are high-quality vinyl prints.


Calm Lake

Instant Sharing

Instant sharing via text, email, QR code, or social media upload has become the new standard in photo booth entertainment. Guests will have their photos delivered in minutes and can upload to social media while the event is still happening.

Calm Lake


Let your guests bring home the all-time favorite photo booth souvenir. The optional printing feature delivers unlimited prints during your event. Only one layout can be selected for printing.

Calm Lake


Allow your guests to edit their photos with one touch, adding a more personalized facet to their photo booth experiences. Six filters come with the optional filters feature.

Calm Lake

Green Screen

The green screen backdrop is a special take on your photo booth experience, adding a 3D element or moving features to the background.

Calm Lake

Digital Props and Masks

Optional digital props and masks add a unique element in place of physical props while reducing the spread of germs. Physical props remain the standard option should this be preferred.

Calm Lake

Live Gallery

The live gallery is a branded website where guests can view and share photos directly from your event. As host, you will have access to all photos after the event. During the event, the gallery can be accessed from the photo booth and from guests' mobile devices.

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